Amanita Muscaria, also largely referred to as Fly Agarics, are world renowned in being one of the most beautiful and exotic mushrooms to be grown upon the earth. This typical 'toadstool' shroom with its ruby red cap and silvery speckles date back to the 1600's but rumor has it that the spiritualist shamans incorporated them into their therapeutic traditions over 5000 years prior. This genus of Amanita Muscaria have however been blemished with an unsavory stigma due to the fungi's possible psychoactive traits. I think it's sad to see this rare amanita muscaria mushroom reproached when in actual fact it has grown and served to be an iconic figure from the past to the present day in so many ways.

This quintessential toadstool has been catalogued in copious cartoons and documented for decades in children's TV series. Who remembers that old 60's classic 'The Magic Roundabout?' If it weren't for the Amanita muscaria this somewhat scatty but certainly satisfying sketch would not have had its hilarity in providing the delirious Dylan with the memorable mushroom antics. There continued to be a backwash of toadstools in many of the epic episodes using them as a main feature to the frames; the Fly Agaric thus begun to be a rising star appearing in the animation.

Reversing back a few years prior to this production there was the acclaimed 'Alice in Wonderland' with its quirky characters providing much memorable merriment in following Alice on her adventure's. Again though along with the monumental Mad Hatter and captivating Cheshire cat, the mushroom scene scenario continues to be one of the most reminiscent rigmaroles of the tale. The toadstool tea party presents Fly Agarics as a prominent figure in the fable and thus screams out that this infamous amanita muscaria mushroom is given too much bad press considering the innocence amanita bears in these children's classics.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and jump into the Super Mario Brothers era. It's hard to forget those two little round rogues, Mario and Luigi, who entertained us for hours happily playing our Nintendo after school. And who were the bounding brothers heroically hunting for? None other than the prized Princess Toadstool, queen of the fly agaric mushroom kingdom kidnapped by Bowser the 'baddy'.Alas, another crucial character based on the emulated Amanita, whose distinct red capped characteristics clearly could not be mistaken for another shroom.

So after such a standing in the hall of fame, the fall of the Fly Agaric seems questionable. But no doubt there will continue to be antagonists opposing the Agaric and it's uses in the current day. All I can hope is that the Amanita Muscaria mushroom continues to flourish through its depiction in these timeless tales and continues to always be remembered for the laughs that it led us to.